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Portrait in Verses
Stephanie Tham Opening Reception
September 17th, 2015


Adam Handler: Solo Art Exhibition - March 13, 2011 Interview on the artist Adam Handler
March 13, 2011

A detailed interview on Adam Handler. Including topics such as his inspirations, process, and relationship with his art.

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"All Saints Here" Adam Handler Opening Reception
July 16th

In Adam Handler’s own words, his art attempts to capture the the energy of the struggle between extrapolation of character and the personal and artistic freedom of mid-twentieth century America that conflicted the youth then and continues to the younger generations of today. In his mixed media work, he identifies with his generation’s concerns by commenting on perceptions of contemporary politics and social expectations while demonstrating a similar rebellious spirit of the past.

Handler's bright and youthfully geometric work captures attention and is constantly evolving. He is a young artist working out of Queens, NY.

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Olivia Boudet at Fred Torres Gallery French Embassy in The United States
May 14, 2015

Fred Torres Gallery presents French artist Olivia Boudet's latest exhibition: Through the Light of Presence. Over the past 24 years, she has developed an extensive vocabulary using color, shape and form. Deceptively simple, her reductive minimalist process refers also to Giorgio Morandi and Agnes Martin both who worked a lifetime to elevate the stature of the beautifully simple.

Developing from her previous efforts in size and scale working throughout 2014 – 2015, her new paintings exude an exquisite shimmering atmosphere with and through the light of presence.

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AnOther Magazine "The Art of Pastels"

Olivia Boudet’s pastel canvases depict the simplest silhouettes of rooftops, chimneys, towers and houses turning these views into something far dreamier than they are in reality.

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Review by Joshua Bell on The Artblog Gathering the Scattered - Richard Gabriele
April 5, 2015

The Artblog—recognized for excellence twice by Art in America—is an educational laboratory and online archive generating ideas to connect the public with art. Joshua Bell reviews painter Richard Gabriele’s first show at Fred Torres Gallery. Gabriele, who lives and works in Bucks County, often uses animal symbolism to meditate on themes of human experience and mythology.

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Richard Gabriele "Gathering the Scattered" essay by Peter Selz
March 12, 2015

Reception - 6-9pm March 12th, 2015. A catalog is available with an essay by Eminent Art Historian Peter Selz who founded the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and served as Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, New York from 1958-1965

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Press Release
August 26, 2014

Fred Torres Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Artist Adam Handler, “American Children”.
Opening Reception with Adam Handler on Thursday September 4th, 2014 from 6 – 8 pm at Fred Torres Gallery.
505 West 28th St. New York, NY 10001
Limited Edition Catalogue and Limited Edition Signed Posters available to celebrate the Exhibition.
“American Children” by Adam Handler will continue until Saturday, October 18th.

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"Diffusion" Exhibition at Verve Gallery, Santa Fe Gallery

Cynthia Greig's "Nature Morte" series was recently displayed in a group show with many other renowned photographers at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe. Her work was well received amidst the many other quirky photographs.

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Parsons Recommends: Olivia Boudet, The Golden Light at Fred Torres Gallery

Olivia Boudet hails from the French Riviera where light, space, and sea define a reality, which is both expansive and strangely abstract. So, it is not surprising that Boudet’s paintings, in particular, cultivate a sense of stable emptiness where human presence is indicated by the simple architectural forms that break the carefully devised horizon line bifurcating the canvas into a dual color visual interplay of the tangible and intangible states of perception. Her color palette is based on soft pastels combined with a visual rigor and controlled spatial organization. It is that combination of sophisticated color combinations with the rigor of reduced form that gives these works both a visual tension and capacity to absorb the viewer.

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fred torres gallery presents the work of olivia boudet the golden light: fred torres gallery presents the work of olivia boudet

very early on, olivia boudet defined the horizon of her pictorial activity by setting it in the problematic aftermath of kazimir malevich's final paintings. one may recall that the landscape stands...

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beautiful decay magazine cynthia greig transforms 3D objects Into 2D representations
february 4th, 2014

for cynthia greig‘s project, “representations,” the artist whitewashes objects with ordinary white house paint before using charcoal to outline the items, then...

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