fred torres gallery is an artist management company that works with artists, galleries, curators, and museums in producing and promoting exhibitions in new york and around the world. in 2008, fred torres gallery opened an exhibition space in chelsea, which serves as an incubator for mid-career artists, an experimental space for established artists, and a venue to host other arts related programming for the vastly growing art enthusiasts.

current and upcoming exhibitions

olivia boudet

"the golden light"

april 3rd, 2014 through may 3rd, 2014
chris mcgraw

" Between Landscapes and Spirits"

may 8th, 2014 through june 7th, 2014
cynthia greig

"the landscape within"

june 12th, 2014 through july 12th, 2014
andy warhol polaroids

"michaelangelo's david, my way"

july 17, 2014 through august 16, 2014
karen kertesz

"one day to fulfill"

august 18th, 2014 through september 20th, 2014
christna galasso

"i dream, therefore i am"

september 25th, 2014 through october 10th, 2014
george rahme

"what once was, still is"

september 30th, 2014 through november 22, 2014
luca pizzaroni

"as wide as we call cosmic is my potential to grow beyond"

december 4th, 2014 through january 3rd, 2015
ji dachun

"life is the perfect landscape"

january 8th, 2015 through february 7th, 2015
seb janiak

"the darkest hole has more to give than the brightest light"

february 12th, 2014 through march 3, 2015
lynda benglis

"a glass mask always smiles"

march 19th, 2015 through april 18th, 2015
tracey emin

"it's darkest before the dawn"

april 23rd through may 23rd, 2015
nyboshi araki

"somewhere under the rainbow"

may 28th through june 27th, 2015
tony berlant

"one can always throw rocks in a metal house"

june 2nd, 2015 through july, 1st, 2015
donald baechlor

"my favorite flower is always for you"

august 6t, 2015 through september 5th, 2015
jessica stoller

"under it all, forever i flourish"

september 10th, 2015 through october 10th, 2015
william copley

"the scorpio always rises when it looks death in the eyes"

october 10th, 2015 through november 14th, 2015
karen kertesz

"the dream will always be born"

november 18th, 2014 through december 19th, 2014


The Wall Street Journal The Illustration Pro and the Rock Singer
April 12, 2013

One person you don't necessarily associate with drawing is the rock singer Courtney Love. But this weekend, her artwork, paired with photography by David LaChapelle, will be seen in a show titled "Mentoring Courtney Love" at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, Conn.

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The Wall Street Journal 20 Odd Questions | Gaetano Pesce
March 23, 2013

The provocative Italian architect and designer on his history of doing things 'badly'—on purpose, of course.

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The Wall Street Journal Gallery Space Goes to Waste
June 20th, 2012

In 12 years spent living in Chinatown, photographer Luca Pizzaroni has shot countless urban street scenes. But this year, what's on the street itself led him to travel an hour outside of the city—to a garbage dump in East Brunswick, N.J. "I was curious to see where trash goes," he said...

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Los Angeles Times Courtney Love Attempts Her First Gallery Show
April 30th, 2012

Celebrity art shows usually don't merit much serious aesthetic consideration. But when the celebrity in question is Courtney Love...

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The Village Voice Best in Show: Luca Pizzaroni: 'Gone With the Wind'
June 29, 2011

Gerhard Richter's overpainted photographs always look a little like grade-B sci-fi: ordinary landscapes or interiors suddenly invaded by multicolored ooze. Luca Pizzaroni has done something similar with snapshots...

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Download PDF (84 K) Pulse Sales Show Return of Appetite for Big-Ticket Art
December 4, 2010

Elana Rubinfeld, the director of Fred Torres Collaborations in New York (a gallery that was showing at Pulse for the first time this year) was pleased by how “serious, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic” the audience was....

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Modern Painters Tall Tales Review
December 2010/ January 2011 Edition

Paul Laster reviews the Tall Tales Show at Fred Torres Collaborations.

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Beaux Arts Magazine Special FIAC Issue
October 2010

Gretchen Ryan's Trinity is profiled in Beaux Arts Magazine (article in french).

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Art Info Article
October 1st, 2010

Paul Laster reviews the Tall Tales show at Fred Torres Collaborations.

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Israel Hayom Great Artist or provocateur ?

Great artist or provocateur?

On Thursday at the Tel Aviv museum of Art, the museum opened the exhibit of David LaChapelle- the man who conquered the world of celebrity with his outstanding photographs. Yesterday he arrived in Tel Aviv and said, "They understand me here."

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Observer: GUARDIAN UK Caravaagio : how he influenced my art
July 25 2010

David LaChapelle and other artists reflect on the influence of Caravaggio in their art.

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Art Daily Tel Aviv Museum of Art Shows Works by Photographer David LaChapelle
July 22, 2010

LaChapelle's personal projects, created recently as part of his artistic and critical expression. Here he seeks to juxtapose contrasting concepts through their visual representation: hope and despair, growth and devastation, renewal and degeneration.

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New York Observer Of Gods and Glamour
July 7, 2010

Fresh off a worldwide tour of galleries, Mr. LaChapelle is back in town, opening "American Jesus" next week at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York-and courting trouble.

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VegNews July/August 2010 The Hot List
July 2010

From tough guys to artists to the toasts of Tinsel Town, these 10 vegans are making the world a better place.

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Artinfo: Have You Heard the One About the Urinal? by Kris Wilton
April 3, 2010

A review of Knock Knock: Who's There? That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

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Download PDF (696 K) Art That Makes You Laugh by Paul Laster
April 2010

A review of Knock Knock: Who's There? That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

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Harper's Bazaar New World Vision
April 2010

Of all the glittery images in the celebrity pantheon, photographer David LaChapelle's have long been the best examples of over-the-top kinky glam. In the past two decades, he's snapped anyone who is anyone in luxuriantly lurid and delicious rude set-ups where clothes seem to fall off as the colours are turned up...

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Womens Wear Daily Wednesday
March 31st, 2010

Designer's Pitch In for Earth Day Auction

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Modern Painters The Painting Issue
April 2010

Marina Cashdan reviews "It's All There Already," George Rahme's first solo exhibition with Fred Torres Collaborations.

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The Daily Beast: Can Art Be Funny? by Anthony Haden-Guest
March 11, 2010

A witty new show celebrates Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, R. Crumb, and other artists who took on serious issues with a good laugh.

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Download PDF (1 MB) Saxon Henry examines Luca Pizzaroni's, "The Labels Project"
January 9, 2010

"Art Basel Miami Beach week brings the world to Miami"
by Saxon Henry.
When Art Basel and Design Miami roll into town each December, the twin fairs bring with them a who's who of talent and incredible creative energy.

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ELLE Decor
November, 2009

Country Culture

Soledad and Alessandro Twombly's Home in Italy is a paradise of his art, her bohemian style, and their family's love of furniture with well-worn good looks.

Text by Vicky Lowry, Photographerd and Produced by Miguel Flores-Vianna

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