fred torres gallery is an artist management company that works with artists, galleries, curators, and museums in producing and promoting exhibitions in new york and around the world. in 2008, fred torres gallery opened an exhibition space in chelsea, which serves as an incubator for mid-career artists, an experimental space for established artists, and a venue to host other arts related programming for the vastly growing art enthusiasts.

current and upcoming exhibitions

Please don't stop Loving Me! An Evolving Summer Group Show
June 27th - August 16th
olivia boudet

"the golden light"

april 3rd, 2014 through may 3rd, 2014
chris mcgraw

" Between Landscapes and Spirits"

may 8th, 2014 through june 7th, 2014
cynthia greig

"the landscape within"

andy warhol polaroids

"michaelangelo's david, my way"

luca pizzaroni

"as wide as we call cosmic is my potential to grow beyond"

december 4th, 2014 through january 3rd, 2015
ji dachun

"life is the perfect landscape"

january 8th, 2015 through february 7th, 2015
seb janiak

"the darkest hole has more to give than the brightest light"

february 12th, 2014 through march 3, 2015
lynda benglis

"a glass mask always smiles"

march 19th, 2015 through april 18th, 2015
tracey emin

"it's darkest before the dawn"

april 23rd through may 23rd, 2015
nyboshi araki

"somewhere under the rainbow"

may 28th through june 27th, 2015
tony berlant

"one can always throw rocks in a metal house"

june 2nd, 2015 through july, 1st, 2015
donald baechlor

"i've reached full bloom, now for how long?"

august 6t, 2015 through september 5th, 2015
jessica stoller

"under it all, forever i flourish"

september 10th, 2015 through october 10th, 2015
william copley

"the scorpio always rises when it looks death in the eyes"

october 10th, 2015 through november 14th, 2015
karen kertesz

"the dream will always be born"

november 18th, 2014 through december 19th, 2014


"Diffusion" Exhibition at Verve Gallery, Santa Fe Gallery

Cynthia Greig's "Nature Morte" series was recently displayed in a group show with many other renowned photographers at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe. Her work was well received amidst the many other quirky photographs.

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Parsons Recommends: Olivia Boudet, The Golden Light at Fred Torres Gallery

Olivia Boudet hails from the French Riviera where light, space, and sea define a reality, which is both expansive and strangely abstract. So, it is not surprising that Boudet’s paintings, in particular, cultivate a sense of stable emptiness where human presence is indicated by the simple architectural forms that break the carefully devised horizon line bifurcating the canvas into a dual color visual interplay of the tangible and intangible states of perception. Her color palette is based on soft pastels combined with a visual rigor and controlled spatial organization. It is that combination of sophisticated color combinations with the rigor of reduced form that gives these works both a visual tension and capacity to absorb the viewer.

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fred torres gallery presents the work of olivia boudet the golden light: fred torres gallery presents the work of olivia boudet

very early on, olivia boudet defined the horizon of her pictorial activity by setting it in the problematic aftermath of kazimir malevich's final paintings. one may recall that the landscape stands...

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beautiful decay magazine cynthia greig transforms 3D objects Into 2D representations
february 4th, 2014

for cynthia greig‘s project, “representations,” the artist whitewashes objects with ordinary white house paint before using charcoal to outline the items, then...

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