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Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Dublin

David LaChapelle
September 18 - November 28, 2009
Sunday Business Post: Agenda Embracing the Image September 20, 2009

Two minutes into our conversation, it's clear that David LaChapelle is a charmer. But while he's a clean-cut, in-his-prime, all-American alpha male, he is defined by neither charm nor good looks. If there are artists who capture the zeitgeist, he belongs to the tiny elite that creates the blueprint for the zeitgeist. Commercially speaking, he is the hottest photographer on the planet.

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The Irish Times Artist Looks to Dark Ages and Famous Faces September 18, 2009

It could be a metaphor for our times and a symbol of hope, or it might seem like blasphemous pornography. Some may wonder whether it's pop culture or high art, and many will go through David LaChapelle's exhibition, which opened in Dublin last night...

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