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Maybach: Bliss Amongst Chaos

David LaChapelle
December 5, 2009
The Wow Report David LaChapelle and Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 December 28, 2009

Hundreds of international art galleries flooded Miami again this year, with a delicious sensorial deluge of fashion, design, parties, and intellectual delights. Contemporary art from every corner of the earth simultaneously rained down like manna from heaven on this five-day multi-venue art overload known as Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Hypebeast David LaChapelle x Maybach Zeppelin December 9, 2009

With examples of David LaChapelle affinity for working with the automotive world seen just recently with his exhibition in Miami titled Cars and Money: New Works, the American photographer takes on a large scale project with Daimler. At the center of this collaborative art meets automotive venture is the brand new Maybach Zeppelin.

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Autoblog Maybach December 8, 2009

While its enduring legacy will forever be crippling hyperinflation and the inability to fight the rise of Nazism, Germany's post World War I Weimar Republic has something of a positive, cultural heritage. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, theater, art, architecture (Bauhaus anyone?) and music all flourished in pre-Hitler Germany.

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The New York Times Art Basel Miami 2009 | After Performa, the Show Goes On Culture December 7, 2009

For the last year or so, we have seen a growing interest in performance art, which hasn't been so popular among art groupies since its golden days in the 1970s. Performance art's comeback follows other art-world trends like photography, a return to painting and the rise of the multimedia installation. And after reading the actor James Franco's preaching in The Wall Street Journal about...

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Autoevolution Maybach December 7, 2009

Building a brand image has never been easy, but building an image for a car you're trying to sell for half a million Euros is extremely difficult. Mercedes-Benz, however, managed to do that with the Maybach and the car turned out to be a success. Keeping up the luxury image is not an easy task either, so Maybach decided to get into the contemporary art game...

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Vanity Fair Lusso & Eros January 13, 2009

Un tableau vivant dissacrante con corpi seminudi. Una dama dalla mise futurista in uno scenario postatomico. Sono i soggetti dei nuovi scatti di David laChapelle per la campagna di Maybach, l'esclusiva casa automobilistica di Stoccarda che fa parte del gruppo Daimler. Le immagini, esposte in anteprima all'Art Basel di Miami...

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