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Tavi Art Gallery

David LaChapelle
October 7 - November 4, 2010
Curated by Dana Gillerman & Sagi Rafael

Restart 9/10 - 5/11/2010

The title of the exhibition Restart relates, ironically, to an announcement of a "New Beginning" with the hope to a "new start" in order to erase the past, which is obviously impossible ! Hence, it is not about a "new start" but about an additional step, or if you would like, a significant turning point a long the way.

The art works exhibited symbolize the transition in the artist creative work, such as dealing with new themes, the artist's ideas, new materials and new images.
At the same time, the viewer can still identify the "signature" and "former" hand print which indicates a marking point in the artist's creative path as a new deep & meaningful process.

Restart - will mark the new birth of the TAG, Tavi Art Gallery with its new structure.